welcome to crescent moon space

welcome to crescent moon space
small but beautiful small alternative space for theatre lovers

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wawa The Rice Child

The Rice Child
October 26 & 27, 2010
at Crescent Moon Space

Crescent Moon’s experiments with music and songs, sand drawings, and a playful mix of shadow puppets – marionette and paper - to tell their story. Inspired by a Mekong folktale about bearing fruits from the same seed, theirs is a story about the friendship of two children, descended from two different cultures. Wawa comes from a minority group in Myanmar (Burma) and migrates to Thailand with her parents. Kao, just like the other Thai children, thinks that Wawa is different and joins the others in bullying her. But these children learn to know more about each other when they began to enjoy playing together. As they begin to see that they have more things in common, the relationship between Wawa and Kao evolved from discrimination to acceptance, from enmity to friendship, and from disunity to harmony.

Story & Directed by:
Sineenadh Keitprapai สินีนาฏ เกษประไพ
Set, Lighting Design & Technical Director:

Tawit Keitprapai ทวิทธิ์ เกษประไพ
Marionette workshop and training by :

Vasin Mitsuphan (Kae Dam Dam) วศิน มิตรสุพรรณ
Music Composed by :

Pornchanok Kanchanabanca พรชนก กาญจนพังคะ
Sand Drawing :

Nophand Boonyai นพพันธ์ บุญใหญ่
Shadow :

Ladda Kongdach ลัดดา คงเดช, Chantiga Chotkajornthai ฉันทิกา โชติขจรไทย

Natsarlisttar Wonenutprapha ณัชศลิษฏา วัลย์ณัฐประภา
Cheeranat Chiarakul จีรณัทย์ เจียรกุล
Sukanya Pheansri สุกัญญา เพี้ยนศรี
Arunroj Thomma อรุณโรจน์ ถมมา
Worasiri Dirapat วรศิริ ดีระพัฒน์
Sumana Sumanakul สุมนา สุมนะกุล

Video Animation :

Jirachapong Roengjan, Tawit Keitprapai จิรัฏชพงศ์ เรืองจันทร์, ทวิทธิ์ เกษประไพ Documentation :
Kavintron Sangsakron กวินธร แสงสาคร
Set & Props :

Chaiwat Kumdee ชัยวัฒน์ คำดี
Stage Manager :

Kriengkrai Fookasem เกรียงไกร ฟูเกษม
House Manager : Donruedee Jamraschai ดลฤดี จำรัสฉาย
Production Manager :

Farida jiraphan ฟารีดา จิราพันธุ์
Producer :

Sarawanee Yodnoon ศรวนีย์ ยอดนุ่น

This project is part of Mekong Creative Arts for Advocracy Fellowship 2010

Supported by:
Save the Children UK, PETA Phillipines Educational Theatre Association, additional contributions from Terre des Hommes

Crescent Moon Theatre

One of the most active contemporary theatres in Thailand, Crescent Moon Theater aims to create theatre performances, workshop and arts activities using group efforts and dynamics. Its characteristic style is the use of collaborative approaches among its artists. For instance, the script is not only the work of the playwright but the group’s creation. Their works are designed to express their point of view, to question the meaning of life, and to surface social issues. Crescent Moon Theater is founded in the belief that theatre is the art of communication and serves as a thread to link-up people.

Crescent moon owns a small black-box theater called the Crescent Moon Space, an alternative theatre space for performances and a venue they share with contemporary theatre artists and theatre lovers.

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