welcome to crescent moon space

welcome to crescent moon space
small but beautiful small alternative space for theatre lovers

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Butoh performance by 4 artists

Let's see Butoh Performance
4 peices by 4 artists

การแสดงบุโตพรุ่งนี้มะรืนนี้ น่าสนใจมากด้วยศิลปิน 4 คน กับงาน 4 ชิ้น

Repeat After Me
Choreographed and Performed by Michael Sakamoto (USA) and Teerawat Mulvilai

The Well
Choreographed by Jurunun Phantachat

Ainsi Soit-Il
Choreographed by Sheri Brown (USA)

The Prince
Choreographed by Michael Sakamoto (USA)

come and join us!

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