welcome to crescent moon space

welcome to crescent moon space
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Thursday, 30 July 2009

RUN preview

วีคนี้วีคสุดท้าย เหลืออีกเพียง 5 รอบ เท่านั้น กับ RUN
31 ก.ค. และ 1, 2 ส.ค.
เวลา:19.30 และ 14.30 น.
ขอนำรีวิวของ RUN ในเดอะเนชั่นมาลงให้อ่านกัน

We're all on the RUN
written by Pawit Mahasarinand
published in DAILY EXPRESS on Friday, July 17, 2009

A new troupe debuts with an experimental theatre focusing on a gay relationship.
"Run" is the debut production of a theatre troupe called numen.n.co, formed by Krisana "Num" Punpeng, a seasoned actor, lecturer at Dhurakij Pundit University and a PhD candidate in performance practice at the University of Exeter.
"Run" features 13 scenes of various length utilising different performance styles—spoken word, movement, dance, etc.
"It's like an experiment and I’m sure after this we’ll keep on improving," says Num. " I’ve been involved in stage productions of various styles, and I think many styles can be presented coherently in one work."
"There are certain moments in life," says the poster, "when you feel a sudden urge to run." The tagline continues, “Recapture those moments through a dazzling montage of love, (homo)sexuality, affection, loss, lust and all those juicy melodramatic shenanigans in contemporary everyday life.”
"It's about the relationship of two people, a man and a man," Num says, "like a journey from the beginning to the end."
“I like the word ‘run’. It has many meanings, as in ‘running to something’, ‘running away from someone’, or ‘running a business.’ We use this word very often in our life.”

Joining him are Varanyoo "Ball" Intrakamhang, a member of B-Floor Theatre whose acting and movement were solid additions to the recent "Sunflower" and "Something Else", and Naiyaphorn "Am" Channivet, a Chulalongkorn University communication arts graduate and cast member in Khandha Arts 'n Theatre's multidisciplinary production "Mae Nam".

"The first scene," Num says of "Run", "is about attraction, showing the two men's interactions during love at first sight. Later on there's a scene about fascination, showing what's happening during the early stage of the relationship. This is presented by a solo narrative dance by Am.”

"Although the two main characters are male, the presence of a female gives this work a broader perspective. In some scenes she appears like a character, in others as an object and a motion.”
"In the end, 'Run' is applicable to any heterosexual relationship, or even that of a woman and a woman as well."

"Run" is at Crescent Moon Space at the Pridi Banomyong Institute (BTS: Thong Lor) from July 24 to 26 and July 31 to August 2. Shows are at 7:30pm, with 2:30 pm matinees on the weekends. Tickets cost Bt250 (Bt200 for students). Call 08 1899 7111 for reservation.

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